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Friend Or Foe Full Review by tilemaxosbra Friend Or Foe Full Review by tilemaxosbra
Hai gaiz! Tilemaxosbra here with another (This time positive) review! Today we are going to review: FRIEND OR FOE. So let's begin shall we?

This episode begins with Patcy working on- You know what? The Patchy plot is obviously pointless so we wil just skip it. The episode begins with the theme song playing and we see the writers.

Zeus Cervas:
You know who this fucker is.

Casey Alexander: You also know who this fucker is. On a side note, this is the first time he worked with Zeus. Turns out they will be bff's.

Mike Mitchel:
The only thing I know about this guy is that he works on the new movie.

Steven Banks: One of the writers of Gone. And Spongebob's Last Stand.

Tim Hill:
Here's a funny thing, this is the last Spongebob episode he wrote.

And now the REAL episode starts. We see a cake entering the Krusty Krab that says "Happy Birthday Krabs". Mister Krab's birthday huh? Well...


But it turns out the Plankton is inside the cake! Oh goodie. Another Plankton plot? The scene goes like this:

Plankton used Baloon Bombs. Hit 8 Time(s)! It was super effective.

Plankton used hype thrusters. Plankton's Speed Rose

Plankton used Cake Bomb. The Safe fainted.

Plankton took the formula.

Spongebob used Condiments. It was super effective.

Mister Krabs used Ceiling Fans. It was super effective.

Spongebob used Swallow. Spongebob ate the formula.

Spongebob and Mister Krabs won!

Plankton then escapes using his secondary downthrusters and goes underground. So after that the entire Krusty Krab is damaged once again and many of the customers are severly injured. And Spongebob then asks a quite interesing question.

"Spongebob: Why, Mr Krabs? Why does he hate us so? *cries*"

Believe it or not but this is actually one of the biggest questions that the series ever had. So Mister Krabs tells Spongebob that it's his fault that all of this happens. Because he and Plankton were once best friends. Wow... This makes... A lot of sense. Seriously, the fact that Mister Krabs and Plankton were friends has been implied alot of times. Even in the movie it was mentioned! So here's the first reason to like this episode.
So we now cut to a flashback where we see Krabs and Plankton as toddlers. We later cut to the elementary where we see that they were treated poorly by their classmates because Plankton was a nerd and because Krabs was poor.

Gee... Talking about similar childhoods. So those two had only each other and they didn't mind if they were diffirent. Damn... That's deppresing. And then it's revealed that Krabs's mom made his clothes out of old rags. You know, this scene explains why Mister Krabs likes money so much. He doesn't want to be poor again. But still, YOU SHOULDN'T HAVE MADE PLANKTON COMMIT SUICIDE YOU SICK FUCK. So, we later see the duo walking on a carnival until Mister Krabs see's a penny. Apperanlty he never saw money before. WHY DOES THIS EPISODE EXPLAIN SO MANY STUFF? We then cut back to the Krusty Krab with Spongebob handing over the formula.

"SpongeBob: Got your secret recipe, Mr. Krabs. You have no idea how we went through to get here."


The flashback continiues and Mister Krabs says that at that time there was a burger stand called "Stinky Burgers" and kids loved that place. The only problem was that his burgers tasted horrible. But the kids didn't mind since it was the only burger stand
they could go. So let me get this straight... Let's say there was a popular show that sucked. You kids only watched that show because you didn't knew any others. The show became shittier and shittier to the point it made fun of cancer, suicide, bulling, etc but you kids still liked it. This episode has a very simmilar case. With Burgers instead of cartoons. Mr. Krabs and Plankton then show up and Stinky takes them behind the stand. He then tells them that if they keep showing up they will take his normal costumers away. Like a good show taking the fans of a bad show. And then Stinky retires.


So Krabs and Plankton think that if they made better Patties they will be more successful then Stinky. Just like a show being better making more money and having more fans.  We then cut to Patchy who's sad because- Wait. Patchy again? WHAT ARE YOU DOING HERE? GET OUT!!


We then see Krabs and Plankton making their creation on their hideoud. The Dump. They finish their patty and they decide to go to Stinky's place to shove it up his ugly ass. Not until they find out that Stinky's stand was closed by the Health Department.
I wonder why. So they decide to open their own resturant... on the dump. Are you guys really that stupid? And people seem to show up. And Mister Krabs earns his first dollar. SO. MUCH. CONTINUITY. I LOVE THIS EPISODE SO MUCH!!!! We later find out that the Plab burgers are even worse then stinky's burgers and the kids can barely swallow them. *INSERT GAY JOKE HERE* Just liking a even worse show because the other one was cancelled. So Plankton then becomes randomly evil and splits the formula in half. And he launches Krabs on the Garbage. And the flashback ends.

"Plankton: Lies!"

Plankton shows up and tells everyone that Krabs is lying. Oh look! The Rashomon Effect! So Plankton tells his own side of the story. In his story, Krabs became randomly evil and ripped the recipe in half and immediatly launched Plankton to the garbage. And since this episode is using the Rashomon Effect Karen show's up and tells the real ending of the story. Krabs and Plankton made the Plabs burger and opened a burger stand on the city dump. The only diffirence this time is that people doesn't show up because they opened their stand on the city dump. Old Man Jenkins tries the Plabs burger and... Dies?
That's a little dark don't you guys think? Krabs and Plankton then fight and split the formula in half just like in both stories. Plankton slams the door and a bunch of ingredients drop on the cauldron where the Plabs meat was made. And that's how the recipe was made. Man... I cannot believe how well written this episode is! Back at the school we see Krabs and Plankton competing with their patty's. A kid tries one of Plankton's patty's and vomits. Another kid tries a Krabby Patty and immediatly loves it and Krabs becomes loved by the entire school.

And that ladies and gentlemen is how Krabs and Plankton became enemies.

Plankton then steals the formula and Krabs and Spongebob chase Plankton and Karen. We then cut to Patchy who is looking for a- WHAT DID I SAY YOU STUPID COSPLAYER? GET. THE. FUCK. OUT!!!


Alright guys. I have to say this was a truly wonderful episode. It does alot of callbacks, reveals the past of two main characters, everyone is on-character and manages to start off a season perfectly.

Final Rank: Awesome! :D (Big Grin) 

Next Review: Pet Sitter Pat
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PereMarquette1225 Featured By Owner Sep 13, 2014  Student General Artist
This episode is great.
SilverEagle91 Featured By Owner Aug 15, 2014
If only Casey and Zeus were more in sync with their episodes like they were here. I mean, for every "Spongicus" and "Sand Castles in the Sand" and "Seance Shmeance", there's "One Coarse Meal" and "A Pal For Gary" and "Pet Sitter Pat". If there's one thing those two dingalings can do right, it's Mermaidman and BarnacleBoy episodes. I mean, "Back to the Past" and "Mermaidman Begins" are some of their better episodes.
tilemaxosbra Featured By Owner Aug 15, 2014  Hobbyist Traditional Artist
I think they do that on porpuse. At least that proves that they aren't idiots.
SodaDog Featured By Owner May 23, 2014  Student Artist
The patchy segments were just forgettable.
tilemaxosbra Featured By Owner May 23, 2014  Hobbyist Traditional Artist
Especially with the baby Spongebob part.
1nickhotelfan Featured By Owner May 21, 2014
I like this episode. It's one of the most decent newer episodes of Spongebob.
tilemaxosbra Featured By Owner May 21, 2014  Hobbyist Traditional Artist
Good to hear!
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tilemaxosbra Featured By Owner May 15, 2014  Hobbyist Traditional Artist
That's really all you have to say?
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